stainless steel handrails
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AD Metal Fabrications Livingston

Engineering and Machining

We have a suitable equipped machine shop offering

Butterflybullet Milling
Butterflybullet Grinding

We specialise in "one off" components and maintenance work for many companies who require maintenance repairs quickly should a component in their production line or plant house fail.  This helps to minimise any down time and at a cost which is competitive.

We can provide a 24 hour cover 7 days a week should it be required to ensure our customers lost production is minimalised.

Steel Processing

Within our production facility we not only manufacture steel fabrications, we can also offer to process steelwork for other companies or individuals.

Services and capacities we offer -

Butterflybullet Plate shearing 3000mm x 10mm thick
Butterflybullet Plate bending 2500mm x 6mm thick
Butterflybullet Plate rolling 2000mm x 10mm thick
Butterflybullet Plate punching up to 25mm diameter holes through 20mm plate
Butterflybullet Plasma cutting - oxyacetylene cutting
Butterflybullet Welding - MIG TIG and MMA

AD Metal Fabrications Livingston
stainless steel livingston
steel fabrications edinburgh
stainless steel handrails
stainless steel balconies

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