stainless steel handrails
stainless steel balconies
stainless steel staircases
storage tanks
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We offer a great variety of stainless steel products for industry and the public sector.

A full design service is available if required, from initial site sizes leading to design drawings complete with engineers calculations and design certificates should they be required.


Food, drink and pharmaceutical sectors
   Butterflybullet Access platforms
   Butterflybullet Storage tanks
   Butterflybullet Pipework
   Butterflybullet Stainless steel kitchen/laboratory storage units
   Butterflybullet Preparation tables
   Butterflybullet Pass through units

stainless steel pipelines


Building/construction sector
   Butterflybullet Staircases
   Butterflybullet Brise soleil
   Butterflybullet Canopies
   Butterflybullet Balustrades and handrails
   Butterflybullet Architectural features


stainless steel spiral stair



Private sector
   Butterflybullet Worktops and splashbacks
   Butterflybullet Stainless steel and glass balustrades
   Butterflybullet Handrails

stainless steel and glass balustrade


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AD Metal Fabrications Livingston
stainless steel livingston
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stainless steel handrails
stainless steel balconies

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